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Dental Fees
Our prices kept below the Alberta Fee Guide for your Affordability!

Dental Fees for Our Patients

At Cornerstone Family Dental, we like to be as transparent as possible about our Fee’s. The following are commonly done procedures at our dental office and can help you as a reference. Please understand that these Fee’s are only a reference, and each individual case needs to be customized to that individuals specific needs. Fee guides will update year to year, below is our fees in reference to the 2022 Fee Guide. Please call for exact fees or refer to the newest Alberta fee guide released

For a total list of Fee’s, you can check out the Alberta Dental Fee guide. We will always be below these fee’s and the following link is a reference to the 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide:

X-Ray Fees

Bitewing X-Ray (2)                           

Bitewing X-Ray (4)                          

Periapical X-Ray (1)                           

Periapical X-Ray (2)                             

Panoramic X-Ray






Dental Hygiene Services + Scaling Fees

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4





Unit 5

Unit 6







Dental Exam Fees

New Patient Permanent Dentition

New Patient Mixed Dentition

Emergency/Specific/Recall Exam

New Patient Primary Dentition





Mother and a Child
New Patient Hygiene Adult Bundle

New Patient Hygiene Adult Bundle        $599.00

*Includes Complete Permanent Dentition exam, all x-rays (4BW & Pan) and 3 Unit Scale, Polishing & Fluoride*



Invisalign Records



Tooth Extraction Fees

Primary (Baby) Tooth Extraction   


Tooth (Surgical) Extraction


Partial Bone Impaction


Full Bone Impaction





Fillings Fees

Primary/Permanent Teeth

*Dependent on how many surfaces and which tooth it is*

$147.00 - $383.00

Same Day Dental Crown Cost

Anterior (Front) Tooth

Posterior (Back) Tooth



Dental Bridge Cost

3-Unit Bridge   

$2,431.00 + Lab Fee

Root Canal Treatment

1 Canal

2 Canal

3 Canal

4 Canal