New Technology

Discover the latest in dental technology

Each examining room has a flat screen monitor for the patient, which provides multiple sources of media including cable television, Image projections for patient education, and hooks directly up to our intra-oral camera's which can be used to show the patient anything we may find during a dental exam. Dentistry can be a field in which we trust our dentists, and having the ability to show the patient each finding , whether it be the X-rays portrayed on the scan or a small intra-oral picture, we are able to show the patient exactly what is going on, and allow them to be involved in the decision making.


CEREC - One Appointment Crowns

In standard dentistry, the fabrication of a crown entails multiple appointments. Thanks to the innovative method of CEREC, your crown can be fabricated in the office chairside in one appointment!

There is no need for temporary crowns with Cerec, we do not need to take a mold/impression, we now just need to scan the tooth, and have our CEREC machine fabricate your crown.

CEREC uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing) technology to make a digital impression of the patient’s mouth, design and manufacture the restoration with the aid of a computer. The technology allows digitally-captured, computer-designed custom porcelain inlays, onlays and crowns to be made with ease and precision all in one visit.

CEREC is a one-stop solution to restoring your teeth back to their desired state. This technology has been proven by hundreds of clinical studies and has been chosen as a preferred solution by dentists for over 20 years now. Millions of patients worldwide now enjoy beautifully restored teeth thanks to CEREC technology.

Another advantage of CEREC dentistry is that it preserves as much healthy tooth enamel as possible. This advanced technology is able to capture highly accurate and detailed images of the affected area in order to create a crown, veneer, bridge or onlay that closely matches your natural tooth structure. With the use of CEREC technology we are able to offer our patients a strong, reliable, long-term restorative solution that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.