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THREE reasons why ignoring a dental emergency can be a huge mistake!

Why does your mouth hurt? Did you bite your cheek? Did you step on a loose tooth? Did you just have something to eat that didn’t agree with you?
dental emergency calgary ne
These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself when something in your mouth starts hurting, because it could be an emergency situation! While pain doesn’t necessarily mean you have an emergency, pain always indicates something bad is going on. And if it doesn’t go away or gets worse over time, you should definitely call an emergency dentist Calgary NE or get yourself to an emergency dentist as soon as possible.
Below are three reasons why ignoring an ongoing dental emergency can be a HUGE mistake!
Are you in pain right now and looking for an Emergency Dentist? Please don’t hesitate.

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Reason 1:
EmURGENCY means 'Urgent'.

No one knows why emergency is spelled “emErgency” instead of the more logical “emurgency”; the latter would indicate more consistency with the word URGENT. But that doesn’t mean that a Dental Emergency isn’t urgent. ANY emergency is urgent! So any signs of a tooth ache, broken tooth, bleeding gums, nerve or root damage, infections, etc. is a dental emergency. When you live in Calgary NE and you need an Emergency Dentist, look no further than Cornerstone Dental.
We will:
A. Get you out of pain ASAP
B. Determine the dental cause
C. Provide immediate treatment to fix it
Are you in pain right now and looking for an Emergency Dentist Calgary NE? Please don’t hesitate, call our Calgary NE dental office Cornerstone Dental right now at (587) 779-5515

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Reason 2: The longer you wait, the worse it gets - seriously

 When you have a toothache, the first thing you want to do is take some ibuprofen and hope it goes away. But ignoring the pain doesn’t make it go away – in fact, it usually makes it worse.
Here’s why:
1. The longer you wait, the more damage is done.
2. You could develop an infection.
3. The pain will probably get worse, not better.
We may be able to tell if you have a dental emergency just by looking at your teeth or examining your mouth. If you come into our office for an exam and we see swelling, redness, or tenderness of your gums around one of your teeth that means that there might be something wrong with that tooth. Or if we see pus around one of your teeth or on the roof of your mouth we can tell that bacteria has grown in this area and needs treatment right away.
It can also be very difficult to eat when there is so much pressure on one side of your jaw because this can cause pain as well as headaches and earaches. Some people even experience neck pain when they are dealing with a dental emergency. And if left untreated, these problems can become even worse. So please don’t ignore the pain! Come into our office and let us help you find out what’s going on before it gets too bad.
Are you in pain right now and looking for an Emergency Dentist? Please don’t hesitate, call our Calgary NE dental office Cornerstone Dental right now at (587) 779-5515.

Reason 3: Long-term damage can occur

When you think of an emergency, your first instinct is probably to go to the hospital. But what about your teeth? Just because you can’t see anything wrong, doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong. In fact, ignoring a dental emergency can be a huge mistake that leads to long-term damage.
Here are three reasons why:
1. Pain is a sign that something is wrong. 
2. Infections can spread quickly. 
3. Damage can become permanent if not treated right away. This will be the most painful and the most expensive option.

Please understand, there’s only ONE option actually. When you’re experiencing any sort of dental pain, please don’t wait to get it checked out by a dental professional. Really, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Call our Calgary NE dental office Cornerstone Dental right now at (587) 779-5515.


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