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Get the facts on root canals: What to expect before, during, and after the procedure?

You might have heard that root canal procedures can be painful, but the truth is that they’ve improved greatly since their invention in the mid-1800s.

root canals dentist calgary ne

 With modern anesthesia and cutting-edge tools, root canals are more comfortable than ever before. Plus, the procedure itself takes much less time than you probably think—most people leave our dental office with an amazed smile on their face while thinking: That was comfortable and quick! To help you get prepared for your root canal procedure, here’s what to expect both before and after.

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How will I know that I need a root canal Calgary NE?

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Root canal treatment is often recommended when your dentist sees a tooth with a deep cavity or an abscess, and the patient reports a serious tooth ache. Other causes might be a broken or cracked tooth that could lead to infection.

The most common symptom of tooth decay is sensitivity. When there is an infection in your gum tissue or bone near the nerve of your tooth (pericemental periodontitis), it usually leads to pain and discomfort. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important that you see a dentist as soon as possible to assess whether or not you need a root canal treatment.

After taking X-rays, the dentist in charge can confirm that a root canal treatment Calgary NE is necessary or not.

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root canal calgary ne

How exactly does root canal treatment work?

A root canal is a dental treatment that removes a tooth’s damaged or infected pulp. Pulp is made up of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. The dentist numbs the area around the tooth. This may be done with an injection of novocaine, so you don’t feel any pain. The dentist then makes a small opening at the base of the tooth. An instrument called a root canal file is used to clean out the inside of the tooth and root. To end it off, the dentist seals off any remaining holes in your tooth using a material called gutta-percha (a type of soft resin).

Often a crown or ‘cap’ is placed on top. In some cases, permanent fillings are used as well. You’ll want to take care not to bite down too hard for about two weeks after getting a root canal because it needs some time for all the materials used in this procedure to harden and heal properly.


Will my root canal treatment be painful?

With today’s technology and dental care, a root canal treatment doesn’t have to be painful at all. Root canal treatments are usually done under local anesthesia ensuring you will not feel any pain. If you feel a burning sensation during the treatment this is usually due to a nerve that gets a bit ‘irritated’.

The most common side effect of a root canal is swelling in the area near your tooth that is subject to the root canal treatment. You may also experience mild sensitivity in your teeth for several days following treatment. This sensitivity should disappear quickly. Use an over-the-counter medication for sensitive teeth or ask your dentist for advice. Are you concerned about pain during a root canal treatment? Please make a pre-appointment at Cornerstone Family Dental to discuss your options. Promise: We can make your treatment as comfortable as possible!



What are potential risks of having a root canal done?

The most common risk of having a root canal is that you may experience some temporary discomfort. You may also be unable to eat or drink anything for a period of time due to your mouth being numb.

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At Cornerstone Family Dental, after root canal treatment, we will usually prescribe some medication for pain relief as well. It’s important that you follow our instructions carefully and not do anything that could disrupt your recovery, such as eating hard foods, drinking alcohol, or intensive physical activities.

Serious risks associated with a root canal are rare, but could include nerve damage from anesthesia, tooth loss from infection, or an allergic reaction to placing fillings in your tooth.  It’s always best to take any medical procedure seriously and be prepared, so you can make good decisions about your dental treatment based on reliable information. When you have any questions before root canal treatment in Calgary NE, please contact us.

How should I prepare, and how long do I need to take off from school/work after a root canal?

Please make sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water in the days following your treatment. This can affect the healing process in a positive way. The average person will need the day off from work or school after a root canal treatment, but this may vary depending on your own personal circumstances and/or medical condition.

Is root canal treatment expensive?

Root canal therapy can vary depending on which tooth needs to be worked on and how many canals are present. The price can vary from 800-1600 for the root canal procedure.

Please contact us for more information.

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