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All about tooth extractions: Why you might need one and what to expect.

How far should you go to avoid the dentist’s drill? Is it really as painful as everyone says? What can you expect when you have a tooth extraction? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then this article on tooth removal is the one for you

tooth extraction dentist calgary ne

From what causes the need for an extraction in the first place to what to expect after the procedure, you’ll learn everything you need to know about tooth removals right here.

Why a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions could be necessary for a variety of reasons. If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it might need to be removed in order to avoid any further problems. It’s also possible that a tooth removal could be recommended if there is something blocking the nerve inside the tooth, like an infection or abscess. And of course, some teeth need to be extracted as part of dental work such as orthodontics or wisdom teeth removal. In short, tooth removals need to take place to avoid more dental problems down the road.

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Should I get a tooth removal?

tooth removal calgary ne

If you’re afraid to go to the dentist for a tooth extraction, it’s important to determine why and how to get over your fear. If you are finding it hard to make a decision to go to the dentist, simply apply this rule of thumb: When your tooth hurts and the pain doesn’t go away – something is definitely wrong with that tooth and you should have your dentist at least take a look at it.

Only a thorough examination can determine whether you need a tooth removal or another kind of dental treatment. At any rate, waiting will NOT make things better. Actually, waiting will make things worse for certain.

Using today’s advanced dental technologies, Cornerstone Family Dental can help you to make the best decision moving forward. Our dental extraction process is quick, gentle, and effective. When necessary, it could involve local anesthesia and should not have to be painful. Some people may need sedation or intravenous (IV) sedation for this procedure.

Anyway, no worries! Let’s get your tooth removal done fast, gentle, and effectively. Please contact us when you are in pain now.

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What happens during a tooth extraction?

tooth extraction is a procedure in which a dentist removes one or more teeth. At Cornerstone Family Dental in Calgary NE, we apply the following procedure during tooth extractions:

1. We will numb your mouth with local anesthetic before removing the tooth, to make sure you don’t feel any tooth extraction pain. 

2. We use a variety of dental instruments, depending on where in your mouth the tooth is located, how deeply embedded it is, and whether or not there are any other teeth nearby that might need to be removed as well. 

3. Then we pull it out while holding it on either side until it’s free from your jawbone.

Our sedation techniques are more than sufficient to make the entire procedure painless. 

How long will a tooth removal recovery take and what can I do to help the healing process?

Typically, take about 48-72 hours to relax afterward so the treatment area is allowed to clot. After that, a patient should be able to return to normal physical activity. The soft tissue will usually fully heal in about 3-4 weeks.

It’s normal to experience some pain after the anesthetic wears off, but it can usually be managed with some over-the-counter pain medication. At Cornerstone Family Dental, we will provide you with specific instructions to follow. E.G.: Use a sterile gauze to absorb any tooth extraction bleeding that could occur, and to prevent infection.

We may recommend using a mouth rinse to soothe the inflammation and keep the area clean, making sure not to swish it around your mouth too hard and disturb the nice healing clot that’s there.

If your pain is severe for a long period of time, you may have developed a dry socket, which occurs when the blood flow to the wound site is not enough to promote healing. A dry socket could be painful, and it requires cleaning and medication to restore it to good health. Rest assured, we can help. Make an appointment today.

Is a tooth extraction covered by insurance in Alberta?

Tooth extractions could be covered by insurance in Alberta, but not always. If your tooth is broken or infected, it may be covered because these would be considered necessary procedures. 
tooth extraction alberta insurance
Some people need a tooth extraction for personal reasons, such as when their wisdom teeth grow in too close to other teeth and cause pain or interference with other dental work. 
Other people might need a tooth extraction because of medical reasons, such as if they have an abscessed tooth that cannot be treated through other means. 
A third group of people might need a tooth extraction because they have periodontal disease and the tooth needs to be pulled so they can go on with treatment for the disease.
All the circumstances as described above could provide a different insurance decision as a result. We recommend to contact your insurance company and your dentist in advance, so you know exactly what you’re going into.

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