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Solea Laser Dentistry for dental anxiety: The solution for fear of the dentist!

The dentist may not seem like the most pleasant place to be in the world, but it doesn’t have to be so scary! Cornerstone Dental wants to make your dental experience more comfortable and less stressful, so we’ve introduced the Solea Laser system to help patients with dental anxiety feel better during appointments.

Find out what the Solea Laser does, how it helps dental patients cope with fear of the dentist, and if it’s right for you!

When you dread going to the dentist

According to the, it’s estimated that 5 to 10 million Canadians suffer from dental anxiety, or what’s commonly known as dental phobia. That means about 15 to 20  percent of us have a fear of the dentist that’s so intense, it stops us from going. For many people with dental anxiety, the fear is rooted in a bad experience from childhood. Maybe they had a painful procedure or a traumatic incident at the dentist’s office. As an adult, they may avoid going to the dentist because they’re afraid of reliving that experience.
For others, dental anxiety develops later in life and usually stems from their experiences with past dentists who were intimidating or acted coldly towards them.
The solution for those who are too scared to go to the dentist in Calgary NE is Solea Laser Therapy – designed by one of Canada’s leading dentists and researchers. It targets dental fears head-on through oral sedation and intra-oral laser therapy, which calms nerves, eliminates pain and helps repair damage caused by gum disease. The Solea Laser takes the drill, needle, noise and pains out of dental visits!
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Welcome to Cornerstone Family Dental!

We are a full-service family dental clinic in Calgary NE, providing everything from check-ups, cleanings, cosmetic, Invisalign, white fillings, crowns & bridges, extractions, root canals, and dental implants. For people with dental anxiety we have a revolutionary solution:  Our Solea Laser takes the drill, needle, noise and pains out of dental visits! Learn more about SOLEA

What is the Solea Dental Laser used for?

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The Solea Laser is used for a variety of dental procedures, including fillings, crowns, and veneers. It is also used for teeth whitening and gum contouring. The Solea Laser (at Cornerstone Dental) can be used on both adults and children, and it is safe and effective

For people with dental anxiety or fear of the dentist in Calgary NE, Solea Laser dentistry can be a great solution. The laser is gentle and efficient, and it can help to make dental appointments more comfortable.
If you have been avoiding the dentist due to fear or anxiety, the Solea Laser could be a good option for you. You might consider Sedation Dentistry as well.

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Can cavities be treated with a laser?

Yes, dental cavities can be treated with the Solea Laser. Meaning: No needles, no drills, no stress. At any rate, you’re not alone. Many people experience some level of dentist fear or dental anxiety. This can range from a mild fear of needles to a complete avoidance of dental care.
For some, this means living with pain and avoiding necessary treatment. New technology, like the Solea laser, is making it possible for more people to get the care they need without all the dental anxiety Calgary NE.

How does the Solea Laser work?

During their dental procedure, most patients report feeling nothing, while others report feeling a mild sensation of coldness. Solea uses computer-controlled laser technology to smoothly, quickly, and safely vaporize the hard (teeth) and soft (gums) tissues in the mouth.
Most patients report no discomfort after the procedure, while others complain of a mild sore throat that usually clears up within a day. Following treatment, many patients report feeling their airways are more open. For more information on Solea, please visit
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What are the benefits of the Solea Laser?

1. Virtually Free Of The Needle And The Sound Of The Drill
With Solea, there’s no need to feel anxious anymore. The dental laser is quiet, reliably free of the needle, drill, blood, and pain and for the majority of procedures you won’t have to worry about waiting for anesthetic to set in.
2. Quick, Easy, And Done In A Single Visit
Because of how fast Solea works, most procedures can be completed in just minutes and there is usually no need for a second appointment. This takes away the frustration of having to sit in the chair for hours, and allows you to have more time to enjoy your day.
3. Able To Get You Back To Your Day In Minutes
As a result of reliably anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, you will be able to leave the office—without that uncomfortable, numb sensation—almost immediately after your Solea Dentist completes the procedure.

Where can I find a Solea Dentist in Calgary NE?

As a Solea Dentist, Cornerstone Dental can help you overcome your dental fear and get the treatment you need. We use the latest technology, including Solea Laser dentistry, to make our patients comfortable and help them get the care they need. If you’re looking for a Solea dentist in Calgary NE, we welcome you to come and see us!

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