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SOLEA SLEEP: Snore less. Sleep better. Live healthier.

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What is Solea Sleep?

Solea Sleep is a revolutionary new procedure that provides rapid relief for adults who snore. Simple to administer, Solea Sleep is a quick and gentle, non-surgical laser treatment that provides immediate results with only one 5 minute application. No discomfort or downtime, treating snoring has never been easier!

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I Sleep better after Solea treatment

Quality sleep is essential.

Consistent quality sleep is crucial to maintaining optimal health. When it comes to your health, sleep is as vital as regular exercise and a balanced diet. If you don’t feel refreshed in the morning and energized during the day, then your snoring (or your partner’s) is probably preventing you from a good night’s rest.

Snoring affects your health.

Nearly everyone snores at some point in their life and at varying degrees. Snoring occurs with the young and old, men and women, and people of all shapes and sizes. Snoring can adversely affect your physical and mental health, as well as your spouse’s or partner’s. So what exactly is snoring and why does it happen?

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Why Solea Laser Dentistry?

• Rapid Snoring Relief
• Non Surgical Treatment
• 5  Minute Application
• Immediate Results
• Sleep and Live Better

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What causes snoring?

The primary source of snoring is the vibration that can occur when air flows past relaxed tissues in the soft palate. These tissues can become even more relaxed with age or weight gain.

Our recommedation is to take snoring serious. Snoring is often a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a serious condition that can be life threatening. A dentist cannot diagnose sleep apnea, so we recommend that you consult a physician for further evaluation. Solea Sleep is a treatment for snoring only.

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How it works

STEP 1: Screening

Does your spouse or partner complain about your snoring? Do you wake up feeling tired and sluggish during the day? Do you have a hard time staying focused? Get a better understanding of how snoring is affecting your sleep and health. Start the screening.

STEP 2: Snorelab

Are you a snorter or a room shaker? A buzz saw or a whistler? Or do you just purr like a kitten? SnoreLab has helped millions of people to better understand their snoring problem and discover solutions to improve their sleep. What’s your Snore Score? Download the app.

STEP 3: Schedule

Ready for immediate relief from snoring, better sleep, a healthier life, and a happier bedmate? Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized? Schedule today and sleep better tonight after your Solea Sleep treatment. Make an appointment

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